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Big Step - Check

From 8-10.10 and 15-17.10.2021, the Swissski selection days took place in Saas-Fee, where I was able to present myself well.

Already after the first weekend, the European Cup coach Alber Walter approached me enthusiastically and asked me if I wanted to train with the C squad for a few more days.

Of course I was happy to attend these days and had a lot of fun training with the squad athletes.

Now I'm in the Swissski selection cadre.

This is a junior cadre where only very few athletes are accepted, but they can train with the C cadre for the whole season and benefit enormously from it.

I was very happy and my motivation and ambition skyrocketed. In the last few weeks I've already had a few good training camps in Sulden and in Pitztal.

Now I'm really looking forward to my first FIS race, which is coming up soon.

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